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"[They're] making a splash with a cookbook that treats [Trader Joe's] offerings as a prep line for working moms who want to serve home-cooked meals."
      - The Wall Street Journal

"I had resigned myself to a lifetime of culinary boredom until last month, when my wife and I came across a cookbook that singlehandedly made cooking fun, easy, and affordable again.  Choose a recipe, head into your local Trader Joe's to pick up the ingredients, and make your friends and family think you're a hell of a chef.  I genuinely love this cookbook." 
       - Wil Wheaton, LA Weekly Blog

"The ultimate homage to Trader Joe's."
     - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Fans of Trader Joe's have been waiting a long time for a book like this."
     - The Sacramento Bee

"This new ingenious cookbook is like manna to the masses."

     - Kiwi Magazine

"Tons of super-quick and easy recipes."
     - Woman's Day Magazine

"Fast and easy dinner solutions for neophytes and kitchen veterans alike."
     - The San Diego Union-Tribune

"The Trader Joe's Companion is small enough to throw into your purse, yet full of good, quick, healthy dishes made solely from products sold at TJ’s. One-stop shopping!"
     - Chow

"If you enjoy shopping at T.J.'s and you're interested in a collection of simple and healthful recipes your family members are sure to enjoy, then you'll love Cooking with All Things Trader Joe's."
     - HubPages

"Loaded with lots of quick and easy recipes with ingredients that I can run in and pick up, it works whether I’m planning ahead with any number of fun and fancy TJ ingredients or fixing a gourmet meal from their frozen quick picks."

"The 'fusion cooking' in this collection makes it much easier to create sophisticated, fun, eclectic yet accessible meals. This is a delightful cookbook."
     - The Tucson Citizen

"Bottom line - you can put a homemade gourmet dinner on the table fast (many in 15 minutes or less) and easily without sacrificing flavor or quality."
     - San Gabriel Valley Tribune

"Authors Deana Gunn and Wona Miniati deliver the goods — in this case, all from Trader Joe's.  I've already made three dishes, and they were all winners."
     - The Pioneer Press

”Similar to Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade cooking -- only using Trader Joe's products.”
     - The Record, Bergen County, NJ

"If eating better is one of your New Year's resolutions, here's a cookbook offering healthful meals in 10 to 15 minutes."
     - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Take Gunn and Miniati's advice to keeping your recipes fresh and simple, [and] monotony and boredom should never be a problem in your kitchen."
     - Chicago Sun-Times

"This cookbook is genius.  Deana and Wona share the secrets of exactly what TJ products you can put together to make even better, easier meals.  It’s the perfect companion book – you’ll want to have it in your cart when you shop."
     - Sam Zien, TV host and  author of "Sam the Cooking Guy: Just a Bunch of Recipes"

"Kick-ass recipes that are generally super quick to make and incredibly tasty to boot.  Deana and Wona, I declare thee geniuses."
     - Mouse in the Sauce blog

"Deana and Wona have done a fantastic job of capturing their delicious recipes, every page looks yummy!"
     - San Diego TechGirl blog

"Book of magic."
     - Paper Palate blog

Selected as a "favorite kid/family-friendly cookbook" by the Rookie Moms
     - Heidi Swanson's blog

"It's a fun book with lots of big, colorful pictures and easy to understand recipes.  It would make a great gift for a new cook or someone who doesn't have a whole lot of time to cook."
     - Slashfood blog

"One of the few cookbooks geared toward time-starved home cooks that is actually decent.  I cooked a couple of recipes in the book and was pleasantly surprised at how good and easy they were." 
     - Metroactive blog

"This is a cookbook of eclectic recipes and wholesome meals."
     - Kidoinfo blog